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good morning. rhetoric and speeches are just about over. it is election day now it is the people's turn to speak. we are live with last minute campaigning for president. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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>> after yesterday's weather i'm ready to vote mike nicco for president. >> you want that job pal? you have to take a pay cut. >> thanks for join us on this election tuesday, i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. it is the big day, voters go to the polls to decide who they want to be president for the next four years. mitt romney is not done campaigning, he will vote in about half an hour before heading out to appeal to still undecided voters one more time in cleveland and pittsburgh, ohio and pennsylvania are still in play. latest poll shows him trailing president obama 50% to 47%. romney held his final rally last night in new hampshire where his campaign got its first boost earlier this year also still up for grabs. >> president obama is waking up in his hometown of chicago after making his final
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campaign push in iowa last night. he plans to play basketball with his aides today and -- an election day tradition and do satellite interviews to get out the vote. the president voted nearly two weeks ago. tahman bradley will have a live report in just a few minutes. a few hotly contested local congressional races. katie marzullo join a closer look. >> reporter: i have california blown up on the big board, zoomed in on the bay area. starting in the peninsula district 14, democratic incumbent jackie spear her opponent, the republican, a businesswoman and biotech consultant. now to the east bay to look at a different race, district 11, george miller the democratic incumbent. his challenger republican virginia fuller. registered nurse who became a united states citizen in the year 2000.
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one of the most interesting races to watch today is going to be this massive north bay district 2. republican roberts democrat huffman neither is the incumbent. someone new getting elected there. roberts is a securities broker, huffman is an environmental attorney as well as a state assemblyman. brand new representative for folks in district 2. i'll be back with a look at other races in the bay area. voters heading to the polls in oakland might notice extra security. in two hours the chief cheerleader for prop 30 will cast his ballot, amy hollyfield is live at his polling place in oakland. >> reporter: good morning many governor brown will be voting here at this fire station in the oakland hills this morning. he will not be alone. he's going to turn it into a photo-op he will have some
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school children with him in a last-ditch effort to convince people to vote for prop 30. yesterday, the governor held raleighs across the state, including one in -- held rallies across the state, including one in san francisco. it has been a tough fight, up in the polls, down in the polls. a non-profit organization gave 11 million dollars to fight the measure. prop 30 would increase taxes to help fund education. governor brown told us yesterday he does feel confident that it will pass. >> when i ran for governor i said i would ask the people if they wanted to raise taxes if they thought it was important. we are asking the people. whatever they say, i will carry it out. >> reporter: former labor secretary robert reich held a yes on 30 rally yesterday at uc berkeley where a professor. uc reagents say if it doesn't
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pass tuition -- will go up $2400 next semester there were students who were against the proposition saying the legislature should have made cuts elsewhere, not to education. they believe young voters will be key on this one. the hope is young voters will turn out and vote today and take a stand on prop 30. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. after a final cross-country tour of swing states president obama heads into today's election with a slim lead in the latest poll, mitt romney remains competitive and could still unseat him. tahman bradley joins us from romney headquarters in boston. >> reporter: mitt romney will take that stage behind me tonight giving what he hopes is his victory steve. today he is out campaigning, -- victory speech.
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today he is out campaigning. the most expensive presidential race in history is now in the hands of voters, mitt romney not done, making two more campaign stops today in ohio and pennsylvania after casting his ballot this morning in massachusetts. the campaign added a few stops knowing their path to victory is more narrow than president obama's. overnight romney held his final rally. >> your votes and your work here will help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: also last night, the former massachusetts governor appeared on monday night football where he told chris berman he deserves credit for the championships won by the patriots and red sox. >> as governor you get blamed for everything that goes wrong you might as well get credit for what goes right. >> reporter: the latest poll shows president obama leading among people who voted early, the romney campaign must make up that difference today.
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president obama is keeping his election day tradition of shooting hoops after a few satellite interviews in swing states. last night the president was teary eyed, ending his campaign in the state that started it all for him. >> the president: i've come back to iowa, one more time to ask for your vote. >> reporter: today is about turnout. romney campaign thinks republicans are much more enthusiastic and more likely to vote than president obama supporters. tahman bradley, abc7 news. abc7 news will have live team coverage of today's election. here's our schedule: special early edition of abc7 news at 3:00. live reports from the obama and romney headquarters. world news at 3:30. followed by live election coverage at 4:00. local results start coming in at 8:00 when the polls close
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followed by abc news primetime coverage at 8:30. complete results on abc7 news at 11. get real-time results on, the moment the polls close, live updates all night long at 5:0 . on election day -- 5:08. on election day. get out there early and vote, do it right now, temperatures very mild now, 50 santa rosa, 51 napa, 49 fairfield, 51 concord, livermore. warmer spots san francisco, fremont 65 couple areas you may not need a coat this morning. jet stream well north once again getting that offshore flow for the better part of this election tuesday. temperatures in the 50s as the sun comes up, sunny and mild
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at noon mid 70s across the board no mary where you are. 70 coast at 4:00, upper 70s to near -- cooling hits the coast by 7:00, down to 60 to, bay and inland upper 60s to lower 70s. dramatic change in the forecast, 16 to 26° cooler wednesday into thursday, look at these highs from the mid to upper 70s at the bay to the mid 50s by thursday, we'll struggle into the low 60s thursday with showers developing and showers will be cooler friday, most of us are stuck in the 50s to near 60 not a healthy amount of rain but it is going to be out there going to feel like fall once we get past today. good morning. happy tuesday. good drive now. polls don't open for a little while wherever you are going
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light on the golden gate bridge headed southbound into san francisco, four lanes. elsewhere 80 berkeley east shore freeway, westbound past the golden gate fields area, through berkeley, getting a little more crowded, moving at the limit, no stalls or accidents. old oakland road north 101 in san jose big rig into the guardrail at the on-ramp to north 101, they've called for a tow truck. northbound 880 past a new reports of injury accident to shoulder someone may be trapped nay vehicle crews en route to hayward. drive times, busier commutes out now 580 towards the altamont pass, out of tracy highway 4 westbound east shore freeway carquinez bridge into the maze still under 20 minutes. 5:10. remember dusty the klepto kitty? he's back! he became a worldwide
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sensation find out if he has given up his life of crime.
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well -- welcome back. quiet from the embarcadero to the bay bridge clear here we are watching fog i'm tracking it in the north bay and chilly
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showers in your forecast. i'll tell you when they will get here. 5:14. reminder that you can donate to abc's day of giving. thanks to you 15 million dollars has been raised so far to help victims of superstorm sandy. text abc to 90999 and give $10. you can call 1-800-help-now. or go online to help as well. san jose city councilmembers will be voting on proposed res lose -- resolution to settle a controversy, members of the -- council compromised by privately sponsored street signs caltrans says it cannot post signs unless the council approves a resolution to do so. do you remember dusty the klepto kitty? the cat burglar who became a
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worldwide sensation after abc7 news aired a story about him. vic lee says that darn cat is still stealing. but his owners have found out how he does it. >> reporter: this is dusty today. he looks content and more mellow. nothing like the thief who stole 600 items in three years. >> towels, gloves, shoes, socks, little toys. >> reporter: he leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the morning. camera installed by the animal planet network captured his nightly heists for a week. our story went feral, it got millions of hits on youtube. his story catapulted him on to news programs all over the world. his featured in the "puss in boots" dvd, jay leno
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had fun with dusty. it has been almost two years since we aired our story. we went back to see how he's handling his celebrity status. >> he still has to get out. he still has to go looking for whatever it is, his little treasures. >> reporter: now he's wearing a collar camera. dusty was shooting us as we were shooting him. his owners wondered what his modus operandi is where he went at night. now with the camera, they know. >> he's on the move. >> he's crossing the street. >> reporter: they phone dusty likes to start the night on the roof -- they found dusty likes to start the night on his roof. he appears to be surveiling the neighborhood, checking out the lay of the land. he goes under the family car, maybe hiding. suddenly, he crosses the street, now decided which house to hit. this house, dusty races towards the back of the home into the yard. he finds a pet door that he will crawl through that leads
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to hidden treasures. on this night he stole a toy nemo here it is at his home. >> mostly, he brings back plastic and garbage, taco bell bags, safeway bags, sometimes with garbage in it. >> reporter: now he is like the garbage collector cleaning up the neighborhood. >> dusty has reformed, yeah. >> reporter: we noticed something else, a cat on the left, dusty is on the lower right. is he having a midnight affair? that was a no comment. as we left, dusty went back on the roof. is he thinking about committing another crime tonight or has he cleaned up his life by cleaning up the streets. after all, cats do like litter. vic lee, abc7 news. >> no truth to the rumor he has to registered as a certified cat offender.
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>> i'm wondered -- [ unintelligible ] >> environmentally -- >> unless you are the homeowner. the cat owner. >> which would like to know where you are putting those taco bell wrappers? is he climbing in the garbage can too? we'll find out if he is going to steal our warmth. i think it is going to be mother nature, warmth followed by significantly cooler, a week ago from record warm highs to nearly record cold a span of 48 hours. 5:18. look down from vollmer peak, how beautiful the bay bridge looks towards san francisco. live doppler, it is there on top of mount st. helena, waiting this next set of wet weather that will roll into thursday and friday's forecast. for now, don't worry about it,
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still mainly in the 50s, 48 fairfield, san francisco 61, fremont down to 64° from 65 last hour. 65 monterey, 62 salinas, mid to upper 50s watsonville and santa cruz 47 at gilroy, clear, calm, microclimates when you step out this morning. interesting, when we head into the afternoon, temperatures will be closer together all near record warm highs. today is the last day, 16 to 26° cooler tomorrow too thursday, chance of chilly showers thursday and friday they will escape our atmosphere for the weekend. one degree warmer in concord today, fremont, san francisco, san jose, santa cruz and oakland all one to three degrees cooler san jose 81 could be a record high, we'll be around the low to mid 80s in the south bay during the afternoon in the upper 70s to near 80 peninsula, mid 70s
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coast into south san francisco downtown possibly 77°, one degree cooler in sausalito, upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys, mid 70s beaches, upper 70s to low 80s east bay shoreline, barely 80 in most areas in the east bay valleys, mid 70s monterey and carmel low to mid 80s monterey bay mid to upper 80s inland cooling starts to hit the coast this afternoon, fog returns tonight, i should say the low clouds and that is going to cool us and that is going to start the difference in the weather tomorrow we drop 60s and 70s, 50s and 60s with showers thursday and we may not make it out of the 50s in most areas friday with another chance of chilly showers we could have frost saturday night into sunday morning temperatures are going to be in the 60s all weekend what a difference. good morning. bay bridge toll no metering
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lights yet traffic light into san francisco no problems incline towards the tunnel and all the way into the city. >> san mateo bridge hopefully traffic is light as you head from the east bay towards the peninsula, if we could get, there we go looking good, a few brake lights towards westbound over the highrise otherwise a good commute, 14 minute drive typical from hayward towards foster city. accident north 880 past a on the right injuries involved crews on scene there. north 101 old oakland road still with that big rig partially blocking on-ramp, all mass transit on time. let's look at our traffic app, we don't have the -- okay just getting word of that it is a free app to navigate around,
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download it on the app store or google play to avoid traffic jams. next, there's an alert you can get the next time the international space station flies over your home. dancing with the stars showdown, the swing that put one star at the top. y." i'm paula faris.
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beautiful picture of san francisco from mount tamalpais this morning. it is not going to look like this tomorrow morning cooler weather is on the way enjoy the record warmth for one more day. 5:25. checking the night sky for shooting stars can be frustrating finding the international station can be easier thanks to a new program by nasa that alerts stargazers when the space station is overhead. the satellite is visible from earth on a clear night for more information on how you can sign up for e-mail or text alerts go to and click under see it on tv. no problem spotting the stars on "dancing with the stars" one team walked away with a perfect score. shaw in johnson nailed a perfect 30.
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melissa and tony came out on top, -- after earning extra points during the added swing dance marathon. there will be no elimination tonight because of election coverage which means we have to wait until next monday to find out who goes home during double elimination night. barack obama and mitt romney make final case to voters. what the poll is revealing about how close the race. >> death of a baby in the north bay. why several people are facing charges after a daycare tragedy. >> record high temperatures possible again today, mid to upper 70s coast, upper 70s to low 80s for the rest of us, we are one of the warmer spots around the country, 40s and 50s east of the mississippi river, 70s dallas and denver, 92 phoenix, portland 61. no rain there today, we have rain heading away from atlanta towards the carolinas, rain butting out of minneapolis
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heading towards chicago delays are possible there. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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good morning. voters across the nation are going to the polls this morning to election the next president they will also decide the fate of dozens of other races and issues. [ inaudible ] .
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you've seen the speeches, debates, commercials now it comes down to your vote today. thanks for join us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. president obama is back in chicago this morning. mr. obama closed down his campaign last night with -- in eye what the state that jumpstarted his -- in iowa, the state that jumpstarted his first presidential bid. meantime, mitt romney will end
5:31 am
his year long quest for the president which is a last minute round of campaigning, somewhat surprising. he plans to vote near his boston area home this morning it is going to happen any moment twhaefplt happens we'll bring it to you live. then he's going to fly to cleveland, ohio and pittsburgh, pennsylvania to make an 11th hour appeal to voters. normally candidates don't campaign on election day, ohio hard fought so is pennsylvania. the campaign is not ruling additional swing state appearances. key local congressional races in the bay area to be decided. katie marzullo is here with some of those races. >> reporter: let's star if the south bay this is district 20 -- let's start in the south bay this is district 20, taylor is a rancher, next up to the north bay, district 5,
5:32 am
democrat is the incumbent thompson, lofton is his republican challenger, a tax and financial planner. one of the more interesting races today in the house of representatives in the east bay district 9, the district lines have been redrawn going further to the east. mcinnerney the incumbent democrat was elected in 2007 normally would have an easy win, this time trying to sway more conservative voters in the eastern part of his district, his challenger newcomer gil is a rancher who has appointed to the state board of education. interesting one to what in the next half hour i'll show you which district has two candidates within the same party running against each other. aside from the presidential election one of the biggest issues is prop 30 governor brown's tax measure
5:33 am
to fun education. he made his final push with senator feinstein and mayor lee at his side in san francisco yesterday. his initiative would avoid trigger guts by increasing taxes on high income earners. brown will cast his ballot in oakland this morning, hold a rally with prop 30 supporters and head back to sacramento. amy hollyfield will have more in a live report in the next half hour. one poll work her in san francisco will transform her garage into a polling place as she has for every presidential election dating back more than 60 years. terry mcsweeney is about to introduce us to the city's most senior poll worker itch >> reporter: maybe not just -- universitij the city we call the state to see if 96-year-old alicia kennedy was the oldest poll worker in the state.
5:34 am
she set her alarm for 4:30 this morning she is probably up getting ready for something she has been doing since 1949. this is a woman who started working polls in 1949, truman was president, it was over on delores street where she lived at the time then she moved to the sunset one day they knocked on her door, and they asked her if she could run a polling place here and she said of course. she has been doing it over the years she is getting around with the help of a stroller, not moving as quickly as she used to. she knows the ropes, experience takes care of anything that needs to be done. she is a living history book and we asked her a few questions. she told us about some of the things she has seen and done over the years. >> job at that time started i was an inspector, i started with $13 a day. now we get $125 for our work.
5:35 am
i voted for franklin roosevelt in his second term. i was already 21 at the time. i worked for ted kennedy and i worked for jfk before -- when he was a senator. >> reporter: her fantastic work has not gone unnoticed she was honored by state for 50 years of says, a while ago now she is getting into her sixth decade of -- seventh decade, 60 plus years on her wall in her garage where she has the polling place all of the name tags she has worn over the years and most of them say, may i help you? that's what she is all about, helping others. she will be doing it again at the age of 90 six, today the oldest poll worker at least in the city and county of
5:36 am
san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> a lot of respect for her. a lot more ahead. stay with abc7 news all day for live team coverage of nationwide and local election results. we'll have a special early edition of abc7 news at 3:00, live reports from the obama and romney headquarters. world news will be on at 3:30. followed by live election coverage at 4:00. local results start coming in at 8:00. followed by abc news primetime coverage at 8:30. complete results on abc7 news at 11. get real-time results on the moment the polls close at 8:00, live updates all night at and through twitter. 5:36. new york and new jersey authorities promise that voters will not be denied their right to vote, despite obstacles created by superstorm sandy. some will be driven to their polling sites.
5:37 am
others will be allowed to vote at any polling place they can get to. yesterday governor cuomo signed an executive order allowing residents to cast provisional ballots new jersey is doing the same thing. most polling places will have power except in the worst hit areas. we are following developing news out of san jose arson investigation underway. family living in a home was evacuated this morning after calling 911 to report that someone tried to set their house on fire. police and firefighters got on scene shortly after 3:00 this morning. investigators have just determined that a man living in the home caused the fire and he is now under arrest. police say mental illness may have played a role. three marin county daycare workers facing involuntary manslaughter charges this morning for the death of bay baby in their care. the four-month-old died october 23rd, at magic place children's center in san rafael. autopsy shows the baby died of suffocation.
5:38 am
investigators believe the bedding cut off the child's airway. the daycare center's owner and two years were taken into custody. in a few hours the search will continue for a missing redwood city man who disappeared during a church retreat, they believe he's lost somewhere this heavily wooded state work. he was last seen by a resident asking for directions back to the camp. people at the retreat discovered he was missing sunday morning. >> george had given a family a ride up here and the family was waiting by the car for george and there was no george. at this point, everybody realized thinking back, he hadn't been at the service. the church immediately sprung into action. >> slider was last seen wearing blue t-shirt, grey sweat pants and black sneakers. he's generally in good health but his family is worried he may be dehydrated. i was thinking change is a
5:39 am
word you hear around election time. change in the weather is what we are going to have. >> i cast my vote for mike nicco and his forecast. so i voted twice. >> change you want, you want temperatures to drop 16 to 26° is that what you are telling me? >> yeah. >> good, then i win. here's the jet stream to the north now, very stout low out of alaska it will be here tomorrow, today record high temperatures, no weather excuses not to get out and vote. you've got it, 50s right now, very comfortable, maybe light jacket weather if you are standing in line during the early morning hours once the sun comes up, mid 70s across the board by noon, 70 at the coast by 4:00, near 80 in most other neighborhoods, comfortable towards the closing of the polls, temperature in the 60s in most areas. here's the big chang in the forecast, 16 to 26° cooler by
5:40 am
thursday, showers most likely thursday they will linger into friday's forecast where it is cooler most of us in the 50s. before we get to traffic, let's take you boston where republican challenger mitt romney is pulling up to his polling place and will cast his ballot this morning. >> mitt romney and his wife ann will be casting their votes. after that in a very unusual move for a candidate, on election day, he's going to make a couple campaign stops. he's going to fly to cleveland, ohio. ohio arguably the hardest fought state. [ unintelligible ] ohio being hard fought there's mitt romney waving polls are
5:41 am
showing he's a little behind the president there as of now. he's making a late play for pennsylvania now where he's going to make a stop in pittsburgh, appealing to working-class voters there. he will vote in boston then a couple campaign stops. strategic move if you can't win ohio maybe you can win pennsylvania. sorry we had to delay the traffic report with sue. here she is now. no problem. light traffic pretty much, 80 berkeley live shot past golden gate fields, a little crowded no major slow downs into the bay bridge toll, let's take a look at the tolls, so far, so good, no metering lights yet. very minor delay if you are paying cash. no problems on the upper deck into san francisco. smooth sailing on the incline. hayward accident northbound 880 past a street on the shoulder, emergency crews,
5:42 am
injuries involved looks like traffic is getting by without much delay. 101 northbound at old oakland road big rig cleared out of lanes, no problems. let's look at your exclusive traffic app, this is waze, 580, headed in the westbound direction, heavy out of the central valley download this app to get around for more or the app store and google play. 5:42. next, your right to not see nude people on streets of san francisco versus their right to be free. the cover-up that city hall is attempting. mystery solved. abc7 news finds a missing historic cross in the bay area. we'll tell you about its controversial past, coming up.
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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welcome back. this morning san francisco is up with step closer to banning public nudity. a committee roted to recollection man the board of have advisers prohibit a law. the measure is aimed at a group of naked men who show up regularly in the castro district. nudists say the men are expressing themselves and the city is overreacting itch the measure goes to the full board
5:46 am
for -- full board for a vote later this month. historic cross stolen from the mojave desert has been found here in the bay area that. cross went missing two years ago thanks to a viewer tip, abc7 news found it in san mateo county, leaned up against an off road gate off skyline boulevard. authorities are not sure how it got there the cross wasser wrecked at sunrise rock in san bernardino county that 1934 in honor of the veterans killed in war. but it was cut off its base and stolen after a long court battle over legality on public land. in 2010 the u.s. supreme court ruled the cross was legal and did not vile the separation of church and state. >> -- and did not violate the separation of church and state. bloomberg report next. local woman severely burned during a bonfire at world series celebrations. the big effort to help her recover. ugly side of superstorm sandy investigators say unscrupulous store owners try
5:47 am
to take advantage of storm victims. volunteers in oakland honored by the city. their tremendous work behind the scenes
5:48 am
5:49 am
welcome back. look how dry doppler radar is over the state today increase of clouds near eureka, 60 to.
5:50 am
upper 70s chico and sacramento, 86 fresno, 82 los angeles, 92 in palm springs. sierra thursday morning through friday afternoon winter weather advisory 5 to 10 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. 5:50. san francisco police say as soon as today they will contact a woman who suffered serious burns during rowdy street celebrations after the giants won the world series. erika bell is still in so much pain she could barely tell us what happened as she was walking home with friend that -- with friends that night. when she got close to the bonfire in the middle of the street someone ran into the crowd causing her to fall over into the flames. >> headed home, big bonfire, you can miss it, that was exciting to see at that time. i heard the crowd around the bonfire go who work! >> somebody called 911 and a police officer helped her into an ambulance.
5:51 am
her mother is angry police didn't move in and control the situation. police say they did move in and made arrests but haven't followed up with erika yet because she has been seen in the burn ward she has no insurance friends created a facebook became. >> -- facebook page. residents of new york are dealing with another issue state attorney general is investigating 400 possible cases of price gouging. new york law provides for basic goods, include -- saying you can't spike up prices during times of desperation. among the items seeing huge increases in pricing, bag of potatoes $3 before the storm to $7. a box of matches $10. loaf of bread $7. >> seven dollar loaf of bread talk about inflation there.
5:52 am
on the good side, the positive side, abc's day of giving helped victims of sandy has been huge success new update overnight. >> 16.8 million dollars has been raised for the red cross relief efforts so far, huge thank you to everyone here in the bay area who donated yesterday and if you haven't yet, you can still give, text abc to 9099 to give $10 to the -- abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief effort. we did that yesterday, he talked -- you talked about doing it yesterday. >> i didn't know if the company would get charged because it is a company phone so i haven't done that yet. family phone i'm sure i can do that >> give us the four 11 on changes in our weather. >> -- give us the 411 on the changes in our weather. everything the same as it was yesterday morning all
5:53 am
changes coming in tomorrow and thursday and friday, let's look at live doppler, look how dry it is with the storm coming from the northwest, doppler going to catch it first when it starts to move in wednesday especially thursday. this is the way it is going to look today and tomorrow, much different as we head into thursday and friday. let's talk about what's going on temperature-wise. how should you does heading out to work, school, maybe the polls. 48 fairfield, everybody else in the 50s, san francisco and fremont, 61 and 64. mid to upper 50s watsonville and santa cruz. here's a look at your seven day, record setters mid 70s at the coast, rest of us in the upper 70s to low 80s, temperatures drop 16 to 26° by thursday, showers most likely
5:54 am
thursday, lesser extent friday, still cool over the weekend with chance of frost saturday night into sunday morning. good morning. ly look at golden gate bridge coming off -- live look at the golden gate bridge, coming off the waldo grade, four lanes southbound that's good news everything is smooth sailing on doyle drive, lombard san francisco parts south, san mateo bridge at the limit headlights slowing towards the highrise towards foster city hayward deck at limit, very light traffic. highway 4 out of antioch beginning to slow un25 minutes hillcrest to 242 in -- in concord, central valley commute from tracy 205 up and over altamont passñ9÷ typically slow into livermore things pick up towards dublin pleasanton no major stalls or accidents on your 580 westbound commute.
5:55 am
880 northbound -- wall street probably will be quiet today. we have serious financial trouble for major motorcycle manufacturer. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. suzuki motor will continue to sell motorcycles, atv's and boat motors. if you are asked debit or credit you might want to think twice before deciding on debit, account numbers and pins are sought after by thieves because they can be used to get quash back. bans are not obligate -- get cash back. banks are not obligated to -- heading to -- [ unintelligible ] .
5:56 am
land police giving a group of volunteers a big thank you. the police chief joined more than 100 roll tears for a special ceremony last night recognizing their time and says. 88-year-old charles johnson has volunteered in the department since 1992 among their duties they help the department make calls for investigations. they also help maintain the department's facebook page. the chief says the volunteers help is invaluable. >> helps keep officers on the streets so they don't have to deal with calls and other minutia. it is a great says they are providing. >> to the officers and to all of us. next, your voice, your vote. on election day team coverage continues with keep propositions that californians will be deciding today. the race for the
5:57 am
white house winds down. now it is up to the voters. we go live to obama campaign headquarters chicago. we'll cover both candidates, next.
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>> >> now at 6:00, it is election day in america, voters get ready to choose the next president. from here in the bay area to chicago and boston, we have complete election day team coverage.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 11, Oakland 9, Abc 7, Pennsylvania 6, Chicago 5, Boston 5, Brown 4, Concord 3, Pittsburgh 3, Obama 3, Cleveland 3, New York 3, Fairfield 3, Iowa 3, San Mateo 3, Berkeley 3, Tahman Bradley 2, Katie Marzullo 2, Kristen Sze 2, Terry Mcsweeney 2
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